More than your standard Aquarium?

Look no further, we are the experts.

Reef River Reptile boasts one of the most experienced teams in the industry, and are more than capable of turning your dream aquarium into a reality. With our diverse staff team originating from every corner of the hobby, there is no job too big or small that we cant handle for you. From the preliminary designs all the way through the the installation and maintenance of your aquarium, we are the team for you.



The final product of our aquariums compare to no other. Not only are the tanks themselves beautiful, but so is what we achieve inside. Reef River Reptile has created some of New South Wales' largest aquariums, featuring underwater scenes that are out of this world.



With aquatic technicians at your disposal, all highly trained in computer aided design, your tank is in good hands. Our design team will walk you through the process of creating your ideal aquarium and ensure that is created to European standards, with safety and function being of paramount importance.



Aquariums are tricky business, so why not leave the technicals to the experts? Featuring technicians from all facets of the hobby, we know how to make sure that your aquarium functions the way it should and is easy to care for. We will ensure that all functions and features are considered when we create your perfect aquarium.