The Marine Division

When it comes to marine life you want to be in the hands of the experts. At Reef River Reptile we pride ourselves on being some of the most well experienced hobbyists around with extensive knowledge in the marine and saltwater hobbies. The team here at Reef River Reptile Prides itself with an array of qualified employees from a diversity of marine and and science profession backgrounds. With over 50 years of experience within the industry, you can be assurded you will be given quality expertise and service regardless of whether you are a beginner or extreme hobbyist.



With over 5000 litres of fish holding capacity in store, you can be guaranteed that there is a fish for you. Reef River Reptile has one of the biggest fish store holding facilities in Australia so you know you are getting the best range and the highest quality fish that are available.

Our fish range includes many marine species such as Tangs, Clowns, Surgeonfish, Lionfish, Wrasses, Gobbies, Damsels, Angels, Dwarf Angels, Butterflies, Triggerfish, Blennies, sharks and much, much more!

Visit us in store and visit some of our fish today.


With 4 huge coral holding bays totalling over 4500 litres you can be sure that we will have something for you. Catering from beginners to extreme hobbyists we have a vast and expanse range of corals that will be have you coming back for more. With staff specialising in coral husbandry and care you can be sure that you're getting professional advice for these delicate organisms.

Our coral range is only limited by your imagination and includes all corals from soft corals to LPS (large polyp stony corals) and even SPS (small polyp stony corals). 

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Liverock & Invertebrates

A great reef tank always starts with a good foundation. Featuring the best and cleanest liverock around, Reef River Reptile has you covered with 3 live rock tanks holding some 200 kilograms of Premium A grade reef building rock.

To complement this we also feature an invertebrate section to cater for every hobbyist out there. Our inverts include anemones, starfish, snails, crabs and all manner of life to add to your aquarium so that you may have the beauty and wonder of the ocean in you